Hi, I am Harshavardhan Pathak and I am in love with lights! I play with them, nurture and caress them and direct them in ways, which make most performances, come alive and throbbing be it a concert, a TV show, a stage performance or any other format!

What was a while back in the realms of entertainment shows in the west can now be done in India with as much finesse and grace….if not more!

In the succeeding sections here, I shall apprise you of my work in the past as also my plans for the future.

My entry into the field has been anything but straight! A Mechanical Engineer by profession, I was (and I still am!) passionate about performing live in theaters. I did try my hands with some degree of success. My passion for the field notwithstanding, I was made aware rather painfully that I had a severe limitation. I would go blank and not remember my lines! My colleagues did help me for a while but then one really has to branch out.

I did. As a lighting specialist and that too as an assistant to none other than the famed Rajabhau Natu, Pune’s and Mumbai’s finest lighting expert for stage shows back then. My background in science seemed to help but it was still hard work, which won the day. And of course the fact that I was working under the Master who was quite a task-master!

His passing away in the year 1994 meant that I had to put my puny feet into his big, big shoes! And boy they were loose! With experience, I found my feet!

My first independent assignment was with Pandita Guru Rohini Bhate who paid me a princely sum of INR 700! With my mentor Raja Bhau gone, the responsibility to do the lighting for “Tanmatra” fell on me.

For stability’s sake, besides dabbling with lighting for theater and events, I took up employment with Pune’s famed Electronica Mechatronics under its equally famous though mercurial MD, Shri Prakash Ratnaparkhi. I was doing rather well handling important projects and products, and was recognized as a performer of sorts.

It is at this juncture that the yester-years heart-throb Ayesha Jhulka asked me to do the light designing for her multi-city dance-theater performance. I was in two minds: Do I stick to employment or do I move on? Days and events later, the decision was made and I finally worked with her.

Finally, it was on 27th September 1995 that I quit employment for good with the stand that “Jyotirghamaya”, my enterprise, which incidentally means “Deliverance through light”, needed me more than my employment and other commitments.

For the last two decades I have been at my passion and today people recognize me as an authority in the field of lighting for entertainment. I use the world’s best console, the MA, to plan my set-up. It gives me the opportunity to do my work fast and efficiently with humongous amount of dexterity. To put it poetically, my console gives me the opportunity to dream! It does the rest. What goes unsaid though is that a lot goes from thoughts to final output with no prizes for guessing who fills in these blanks!

And oh, I am an avid biker with the TRIUMPH Bonneville being my standard mount these days! I go right across this great country of ours on my bike and just enjoy it!

Life for now is exciting and lighting up my path is just that….light, in its myriad forms and ways!

For those of you wanting to get immersed in the magic of lights know for a fact that you are at the right place with the right resource!

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